Sustainable Agriculture At Your Fingertips
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The Story

An application that connects purchase managers of food businesses directly with farmers, fishermen, wholesalers and other suppliers.

Efficiently Procure fresh and top-quality agricultural products at affordable prices without middlemen delays by bypassing the complex traditional supply chain.

Get all the items you need to prepare tasty meals delivered to you fast and in good quality without wasting man hours in the market….worrying about and bearing high transportation and logistics cost.

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A Win-Win For Farmers & Purchase Managers

Procur creates a win-win situation for farmers and purchase managers. Because farmers get access to a steady stream of customers ready to buy their products. So they enjoy quick turnover.

Purchase managers escape the hurdles of the traditional procurement process. They are opened up to our large number of reliable suppliers to order what they need from the convenience of their homes or business. And they have it delivered to them.

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